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In this thread, I'll be posting my growing collection of Phicen dolls and their antics. You can do some hilarious stuff with these little cuties. Hope you enjoy my offerings.

First, we will meet my first 2 Phicens. I have just ordered 2 more, which should soon arrive. It is amazing how quick these dolls can cross the pond. The first 2 I ordered directly off the Phicen website. I ordered on Monday, received on Thursday. That's pretty damn fast, and they came from China. I am impressed with the service, quality, and professionalism of the Phicen company. I ordered a Little Red Riding Hood, and a PLLB2014-S09. Both are gorgeous, but there are huge differences between the two. I will explain, but first, a pic.

Little Red Riding Hood is a stunning beauty. She can easily stand on her own, and has an impressive outfit. Great boots help her stand. She is a masterpiece, but her plastic skeleton makes her much less poseable than the metal skeleton S09. She is lighter than the S09, but her soft skin feels the same. However, the plastic skeleton is much thicker than the metal, so the S09 is much softer. The S09 only came with a flimsy bikini that is difficult to put on, and the strings have to be tied and are unsightly. However, the S09 has a highly detailed body to die for. Both of these Phicens make a Barbie look like a $10 piece of plastic. (No offense meant to any Barbie lovers out there, but see for yourself.)

As you can see, I have a N.C. State Cheerleader Barbie one of my daughters grew up and forgot about. I recently claimed it, unbeknownst to them. (Damn, now I'm playing with it. What is my problem?) I wanted to see if a Phicen doll could wear Barbie clothes. All I have is this one set, and so far, the answer is some. The Phicens are the same height, but are thicker and bigger. The feet are much bigger, and Barbie's shoes will not go on Phicen feet. I was never able to find out if Barbie's cheerleader top would hold the Phicen's tits, because it would not slide up over the Phicen's thighs. I could have modified it and made it work, I think. The skirt, however does fit. Barbie's ass is almost as big, but her waist is tiny. The skirt is now slightly looser on Barbie, now that the Phicen stretched it some. My guess is, some Barbie dresses and probably most or all skirts will work. Unless the pants are made of something stretchy like spandex, fuhgettaboutit!

I already know the super flexible metal skeleton doll (S09) is the star of this show. She can get into and hold positions my Real Doll can't even do. She is pretty damn amazing. The 2 new ones I ordered are also the Super Flexible metal skeleton bodies. Even so the S09 is going to be damn hard to beat.

That's all for now, but I assure you, there is lots more where these came from. More pics coming soon!

Me: Desperately waiting for "more pics"...  :drool:

very cool!

Thanks for sharing them and a bit of their details. :thumb:


     These are some nice looking ladies! I hope you can find the clothes that you need for them!

:) :) :)

More, you say?

That's Felicia, the dark-haired S09 above. Here she is below with LaRRissaH (a.k.a. little Red Riding Hood).

LaRRissaH is the voice of reason, while Felicia is an exhibitionist like Kwench.

Both these girls love being in front of a camera.


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