Author Topic: Special Delivery! A Big Crate & A Hot Delivery Girl!!!  (Read 1373 times)

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Special Delivery! A Big Crate & A Hot Delivery Girl!!!
« on: December 23, 2015, 10:22:53 AM »
My latest story/film/clip is now complete, I wanted to share the story and some of the pics with everyone here!

A knock on the door, who can it be? I open the door to see a crate...a massive crate delivering a doll! Been waiting weeks and now its here! I see a head pop from behind the crate. Shocked I say hi! She says hello! It wasn't a large muscle bound delivery man but instead a tiny hot girl pushing around this big ole crate!

After nearly ten minutes of trying to get the crate inside we finally make it down the hallway. After all why leave the doll in the living room, the bedroom is where this crate needs to be delivered!

Push! I tell her! I am trying she responds! We struggle but eventually are able to get the crate into the bedroom without damaging anything...not even a door or piece of trim work!

I tell the delivery person thanks and try to walk her out. She demands she know what is in the crate! I explain it it is a major award. She doesn't but this. Clearly the invoice stated a life size doll! She request again to see whats inside. I feel she is more curious than "just doing her job". I allow her to inspect the freight. She examines closely...and even closer.

I figure since she is here why not get her to help me move the doll to the bed. After some initial hesitation she agrees! She then begins helping me undress then doll...and then you know "get more comfortable". One thing leads to another...

From the video "Vicki Vallencourt Delivers" ...hope you liked!

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Re: Special Delivery! A Big Crate & A Hot Delivery Girl!!!
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2015, 06:44:04 PM »
I like where this is going.