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Hey everyone,

This topic has come up a few times in chat lately, and it seems at least a few of the regulars there have 'em, so I thought I'd make a thread about it!

Anyway, this thread is for everyone to post their figure/statue collections; anything from statues to poseable figures, from anime styled to western/realistic. Basically, anything that's hard plastic or PVC that doesn't quite fit the "doll" description or have their own place already in the forums (Phicen, for example, in The Small Doll Mall).

I'll start things off with a few pics of my collection (full gallery *here*). This is everything that I currently have on display (I have several still in their boxes):

If you want a clearer shot of anything, let me know. You can find some tighter shots in my figure gallery (most were taken rather quickly using my phone, so apologies for the quality of some of them).

Very cool idea for a thread!
and very sexy figurines you have too.

Here are a few but not all of mine.

most of them are "garden fairies" by Green earth..
I also have a lot of Tinkerbell figurines, most by hallmark.
the large one was given to me by a dear friend.  :)
For a tree ornament, the one on the bottom is a rather sexy one I'd say.

Garen fairies

More Garden faires
the one on the left was also given to my by a dear friend, unfortunately we have gone our separate ways and is sorely missed.
the one on the right is my first, given to my by my dear wife Cat :)

More Garden faires

These last two are part of Cat's collection of garden faires....hmmm...I think hers are the sexier of the bunch.

So part of the chat on figures I snapped a few of just the figures on the very cluttered desk. Pardon the poor lighting

I keep the more risque figures here in the "office." The living room is where the curio cabinets are. 

Mike Tango:
Wow, beautiful collection Incred !  :thumb:

Nice collections, Ceej and Incred.

I want (need?) to get more figures like Incred's. :thumb: I only have two purely NSFW ones. Two of the bunnies and the one with her arms above her head in my second pic have the option though.


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