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Phicen doll skin tone for Flirty Girl Hornet?


Would anyone know a Phicen doll skin tone for Flirty Girl  Heroes of the North Hornet?

Its really hard to see if she has Pale or Tanned skin. Also, does anyone know if the Flirty Girls heads detach?


I have a couple Phicen dolls, but have know idea about skin tones. Member Begog may know.

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As you can see, here is a Flirty Girl's Secret head and outfit on a Phicen S09 body. Flirty Girl heads do indeed fit perfectly with no modifications. The hardest part can be matching the skin tone. Since I already have several examples of each Phicen complexion (pale, tan, and suntan), I didn't worry much about matching. That can be hard to do based on lighting, exposure, and PC screen differences. You could always contact Flirty Girl for their opinion of which complexion best suits a particular head.  I chose a suntan S09, since this head was pretty dark, and I am pleased with how well it matched.

In your case, the entire body is covered in clothing, and the red hands come with the doll. Therefore, it should not matter which complexion you choose. However, if the doll will be in various stages of undress, I would go with the S09, since the head appears to be dark and should match up well. Also, that super-flexible metal skeleton is a must, which comes with all new Phicens now.

Lastly, the S09 is my absolute favorite of all the Phicen models. You can't go wrong with the S09.  :D

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EDIT: Oh, wait, wrong heroes of the North!  :o
I see now we are talking about this one:

Still looks like suntan to me, but could be tan (S08). I think either one will work, and not much skin is exposed with this doll either. It comes with ball jointed doll body, eliminating the need for a body, unlike the Flirty Girl Secret above, which only came with a head and clothes. Below is an example of an S08 tan body, with an old Phicen head on it (also interchangeable), and why these dolls are not for children!  :o

Thanks a lot for your help.


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