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Doll Story is very happy to present you the newest of the range: AI Doll Max

This body is an exclusive Doll Story.
This beautiful body was studied and developed by the team of Doll Story in their workshop in Lyon. It is Made in France!
(The English version will soon be online)

Ella - AI Doll Max

Michelle - AI Doll Max

The English version is online  :D
With the release of this new body, Doll Story improved and modified the skeleton.

This new doll is called AI Doll Max !
She is exclusively made in France, and benefits from a number of improvements :
1 – More movement range for the arms, thanks to the addition of a joint located between the shoulder and the elbow.
2 – Metal skeleton (previously made out of PVC) in strategic places (back, legs), for a longer lifespan and a greater ease of movement.
3 – Better leg movements for more easily held positions, regardless of the angle at which the legs are spread.
4 – « Articulated hands » option greatly improved. Previously composed of a metal bar and plastic sheaths, fingers with this option previously suffered from internal breaks and punctures in the silicone. This assembly has been entirely reviewed and corrected.
Now, the fingers are composed of a wire cable, covered by a complete and uninterrupted PVC sheath, which goes from the palm of the hand to the fingertips. Consequently there are no more internal breaks. This sheathing is doubled with a second PVC sheathing, which recreates the phalanges. The fingertips contain a protection in the form of an end piece to avoid all punctures, and everything is additionally covered by a non-stretchable casing that sticks perfectly to the silicone. This assembly is more solid and effective.
All of these evolutions have required lengthy research and development, and require more costly materials. Despite these extra manufacturing costs, we are not raising our prices for our Made in France doll models.

AI Doll Max measurements :
Height : 160cm
Weight : 31kg
Measurements : 83/61/85cm
Shoe size : 38
Clothing size : XS/S
Underwear size : 80D

These improvements are included on all Made in France dolls (AI NEO Im, AI Doll S+, AI Doll Max) manufactured as of March 2017.

A new body with generous curves, great evolutions, for quality dolls and unparalleled finishing touches.

Amazingly looking doll!

Looks like dolls will make me bankrupt soon :D


--- Quote from: AnonViking on March 20, 2017, 05:09:56 PM ---Amazingly looking doll!

Looks like dolls will make me bankrupt soon :D

--- End quote ---

Yes, it's a great success :thumb:


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