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Phicen (TBLeague) has a competitor. And a strong one at that. A have to give Jiaou Doll high marks after examining the new doll body (no head) I unboxed today. Allow me to begin my review:

As you can see, she is a seamless doll (except hands and head) with all metal skeleton, BALL JOINTS, anatomically correct, and fully articulating. She is VERY similar to a Phicen, so I will compare her to one, since most of you are familiar with them. She just arrived today, so I may add more later as I learn more about her.
Skin: I thought Phicens were soft, but this doll feels wonderful! Even softer than a Phicen. And, only a faint pleasant odor instead of the normal Phicen TPE stink that soon fades and is no big deal really.  Slight advantage Jiaou.
Skeleton: Metal with ball joints like a 6YE. Very nice. However, I did notice if you raise the arms straight up, there is some slight bunching in the shoulders. Also, maybe not as smooth as a Phicen, but some of this could be the newness and may smooth out with use. Slight advantage Phicen.

Hands: You get 5 pairs of hands with a Jiaou doll.   8) What a nice surprise. And, these hands have painted fingernails, a nice detail. With a Phicen body you get one pair, 3 if you buy one with the head. Nails unpainted. Advantage Jiaou.
Anatomically correct: As you can see, nipples, vagina and a-hole are all there. I kinda prefer the colors used on the Phicen, but this is so close I'm going to call this a draw. EQUAL.

Price: I paid $43 for this body on Ebay, free shipping. Phicens start around $60. Jiaou wins this easy. And this is an important category. I will buy more of these. Advantage Jiaou.

Stand: I really like the stand on these dolls. Clear, tasteful, and highly configurable. You can even tighten them with screws if they get loose. Nothing wrong with black Phicen stands, but this stand kicks ass! Definitely a win here. Advantage Jiaou.

Compatibility: In the first pic you can see there are 3 extra plastic neck studs in case the standard Phicen-size ball joint that comes on the doll doesn't fit, so 4 options. The Phicen has a metal ball that only fits the standard head, but I never needed another size and am happy with it. The hands have a bigger ball joint, so not exactly compatible with Phicen hands. I tried to use Phicen's Vampirella hands to go with my Scarlet Witch head, but I would have to modify them (enlarge the holes) to get them to fit. The balls are on there good, and nice and solid. I have had problems with Phicen wrists. They will break if you're not careful. Jiaou's have big feet, too. I could not get the high boots on this doll. Her feet are crammed in the heels she is wearing, made for a Phicen. This perhaps makes her a bit more stable on her feet, but shoes that fit are iffy. Phicen clothes fit the Jiou doll, and proportions are very similar. Because of the hands and feet, My Scarlet Witch/Vampirella hybrid is going to require an S09 Phicen body. Heather will just have to cough hers up, because Felicia is keeping hers. No problem, she can just use this body, along with other heads I have. The calves are really nice on this body. Tits are big. Ass is sweet. It's a well-defined, lovely body, as is a Phicen.
Overall, I'm very pleased with Jiaou. I really have no complaints whatsoever. It's a well-made doll.   :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Yeah, that's a red-eyed Scarlet Witch head. Would have looked great with the long red nailed Vampirella hands and red thigh high boots, but I guess that will have to be a Phicen. No matter, still happy!  :D

Congrats!  She's a sexy addition to your clan!
Thanks for the great review!

Very cool. I'll have to look into these dolls. I never heard of them.

Do they make larger 60cm dolls?


--- Quote from: incred on October 05, 2017, 10:16:35 AM ---Very cool. I'll have to look into these dolls. I never heard of them.

Do they make larger 60cm dolls?

--- End quote ---
I don't think so. The only ones I know of are these 1/6 cuties.

I see another Star is born to grace your awesome doll series.  8)

Great review too, Begog!  Thanks.



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