Author Topic: New 175cm male doll on the market. (Same height as Sinthetics & Realdoll males)  (Read 342 times)

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Found this on the TPE marketplace. There's also a new 160cm doll I haven't seen talk about.

While I'm on the subject, the "All the dolls on the market" thread could use a little service.  :whistle:

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85 views, 0 replies - I guess no-one has any thoughts.

The first one kind of looks like a drag queen without the costume. I hate how manufacturers just throw a female head (actually it's probably just "William"/"Aaron Petersen" in a different wig/outfit) on a male body and call it a day. Though to be fair, I did initially think it was a real model when I first saw this post. I find it cute that they refer to him as "the first gay sex doll," apparently "Ben" and "Victor" never existed. :laugh:

I didn't have that problem with the second one (which is only 160cm  :scold: ). I get that he's supposed to be "alluring," ::) but he looks like a serial killer :o (seriously, edit an AR-15 into that shot and people wouldn't bat an eye). Believe me, I was a marketing minor in college, clients tend to frown on being murdered.

The dildo in the first one looks very realistic, but is probably the same one that came with your doll. The one for the second doll wasn't shown. In neither case does it say HOW it is attached (suction cups like yours, vaginal insert like mine, peg attachment like "James" has or bulb attachment like Sin/RD)

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Prefer the first body, sculpting and face look far more alive.
Second doll is over muscled, but hey thats only my take on things.
As with female tpe dolls the faces are very slowly becoming more realistic, still feel they have a long way to go yet.

Still its good to see tpe entering the male doll market
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The announcement of a tall male doll looked promising and exiting. However, the promise felt short as these two male dolls are deformed and unnatractive. They look far worse than what manufacturers did 10 years ago. Once again the male doll community hasn't been consulted and it shows.

The natural proportions of a man's body haven't been respected, nor studied. This caricatures are showing how poorly informed these sculptors are on male beauty. What they have in mind is clearly their ideal fighters of Wrestling shows on which they put female heads.

The first male doll's legs are atrocious and oddly extremly muscular making the doll extremly heavy just because of those legs. The knee even looks bigger than the head.  The "small tips" syndrom is also present in that the hands are the ones of a woman on a diet and the feet must be small and feminine too as usual. I showed that doll to someone and he laughed.

The second male doll is a lot worse. It's nearly insulting in that the torso is a bad stereotype. As insulting as if a gay manufacturer decided to create a female doll and decided to stick two soccer balls on a body and call them "boobs" because it's what they are...round shapes...aren't they? they're going to like it...  To make it worse, his height is the one of a woman. very bad choices. The level of detail and realism of a birthday cake.

I can compare these dolls to a female doll of 200cm with flat boobs and an Arnold Schwarzenegger head with a wig to pass it as "feminine". Will the majority of straight male customers going to buy that doll? No they won't. Female and male beauty are two different ART that needs to be understood, studied and mastered on their own.

I hope one day asian manufacturers will try harder, and ask for help in the sculpting process.


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I have to agree the tpe dolls they make, look weird in some way. I am not sure if it is the wig or just the body design.  Both dolls look strange. I guess people have personal preference to liking these dolls, but to me this doll looks like a girl with male body with deformed portions.


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I was thinking about this post when I was at the mall yesterday. Is it just me, or are both of them more realistic than obviously the second one... even though these models are a lot older, and cost a 1/10 as much, but at least I never questioned they were supposed to be male. :laugh:

Yes, I thought that his shirt was my reflection at first glance... but it's not. :( It is, however, a really ugly shirt. :o