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Hello everyone :)

For years I've wanted a Phicen of my own. With a WHOLE bunch of help from Begog, and Nova I finally have one. Thanks guys!!  The thread that helped me most, by Begog has been lost (hopefully not forever) during the site transfer, but not in vein, It clarified the world of Phicens for me and I saved all the info in the form of screen shots.

My Phicen's name is Christine, she is an S09 and she arrived yesterday.

Here are the obligatory uncrating....or in this case, unboxing pics :)

This morning she wanted to get out of that bikini and stretch out a little, ok a LOT!! :)
These are really quick shots and the lighting isn't so great.

First impressions, she's remarkably detailed. Her soft skin, though somewhat thin in most places feels pretty cool! She poses with great flexibility and is easy to pose. Great for photo sets on those lazy days when posing a smaller doll is more appealing, or when time is at a premium. Also, like the full size dolls, photos don't do them justice. She's also a little bigger than I expected, of which I'm glad.

Something unrelated, a little unexpected and kinda cool. After spending some time with Christine, taking pics and so on. When I got back to Sandy, her presence was greatly intensified, so much so I expected her to start walking and moving around on her own!

Congrats, man!  :thumb:
I knew once you went down that rabbit hole, one wasn't going to do it. Sure hope my "Phicen Fantasies" thread comes back. I got an ongoing story going on there, with more to come, and I've spent many hours on it. Anyway, you got yourself a winner there, and I expect her to live up to the hype. Enjoy!

Lana : What happened to Ceej Smoke?

Smoke: Well, no one knows for sure sweetie, but it appears he fell down a rabbit hole..

Lana: What's a rabbit?? And what is a rabbit hole?

Smoke : Well sweetie, a rabbit is another name for an Evil Prince.. Lets just call him Begog for now. Oh, and we can't forget his accomplice, Evil Prince  Nova-1. A rabbit hole is a trap of sorts, that The Evil Prince  Begog and  Evil Prince Nova-1, have  set  for poor Ceej.. Now  he's fallen down into it and we're not sure if we will ever see Ceej or his wallet , ever again...

Lana: Smoke, Will you ever fall down one of Evil Prince Begog and his accomplice Evil Prince  Nova-1's    rabbit holes?

Smoke : Oh sweetie, I'm way to smart to ever fall in one of those traps.  Besides, CJ  took my wallet , I haven't seen it for ages.   ;D

Lana:  Is that smoke I smell Smoke?.... It's your pants, I think they are on fire. Oh, and your nose is growing too.  :whistle:

 Congrats Ceej! Damn those Phicen's look good.  I like how her bikini fell off after the second pic!  :drool:  Just watch for those rabbit holes, they are damn hard to crawl out of!   :thumb:

You better watch it Ceej, Cat may want to get a studmuffin of her own !!   :P

Congrats on the new small girl !

Take care! litlluvr, Yoshe, Amiko, Marla, and Michiko.

Congrats Ceej! Christine is a little fire cracker..   :evil:



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