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July 2019 Photo Challenge Voting Booth.
« on: July 28, 2019, 07:58:03 PM »
 The sun is starting to set on another precious month of July and with it , the July 2019 photo challenge.  :(

I want to thank each and every one of you who submitted an entry this month.  :bow:

Each and every one of these entries deserves to win in my opinion , but that will be decided by you , sending me your top three picks via PM.  You have thirteen entries to choose from, good luck.  :whistle:
  I wish I didn't have to ask this , but please!  no voting for your own entry:scold:

 OK, so lets get to it shall we? Here are your July 2019 Photo Challenge entries , in the order in which they were submitted.

#1   Noquiexis  and Feodora  in.  This Too Shall Pass.

This Too Shall Pass

#2  Incred and Myffy  in . Dirty Girl

  Ceej and Sandy in.  Nayked X's and O's

#4   Camp and Kitty  in.  I'm nayked, your turn Camp.    ;D

#5   Fantastic Plastic and Maxine in .  The Look.

#6  Dreamin' and Siri in.  Shake,Baby,Shake.

#7 Hollywu and Sadako in. Don't Worry Baby.

#8   Halleheals and Zhen  in . Beauty And The Beast.

#9  Nick and Kristy in.  Together.

#10  Feguro and Dreizehn in.  Eternal Currency

#11  Belshaner with Amberly and Ginger in. Reunion

#12  Docsgirl82 and Larry in. Our First Road Trip.

#13   JunkGuy and Brie in. Manhandled

 So , there you have it folks. There is some very creative work here :thumb: . Good luck everyone.  :D

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