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Doll Site Links
« on: April 21, 2010, 11:39:34 AM »
Welcome to ODC's Links Page

Please report (PM) any dead links to a moderator.  Also, PM a moderator if there are any missing links that you feel should be included.
Sites in RED are ones which you may have to pay to view content.

Silicone Doll Manufacturers

DreamDoll Creations (site is in German)
Mini Love Dolls
Private Island Beauties
Petite Realdoll

Japanese Doll Manufacturers

4woods Europe
Erie Doll
Orient Industry
Project LEVEL D

Small Doll Manufacturers

Phicen Limited
Scoomin Dolls
Smart Doll
Volks USA

Other Doll Manufacturers

TPE doll related links are located in the TPE Marketplace

Doll Websites & Forums

UK Love Doll Forum
Universal Dolls French Forum

Doll Related Businesses

Personal Doll Sites

Bienvenue chez Elle
Davecat & Sidore's Shouting To Hear The Echoes
Everhard's Doll Teashop

Tabo-San's site (not updated since Oct.2010)

Modification Log:
7/4/2012 added modlog and Incredidoll link
5/9/13 unknown mod
7/6/13 removed broken MaddyG links & Mechadoll no longer in France
7/26/13 removed obsolete Vanessa link and added AmberHawkSwanson
2/5/15 removed Cutie Pie Dolls
1/24/16 updated Orient Industries link
9/3/19 remove; 1st PC, Anatomical Doll, Boy Toy, Candy 18, Maid Lee Doll, Virgin Rose Doll,
Unison SuperDoll, Lovedolls French Forum, CharlieJoanne, Dollstory, RealdollPorn,
Amber Hawk Swanson. Change; Boy Toy to Petite Realdoll, Teddie Babes home page,
Everhard's Teashop is now on UK Forum. Add sites; 4Woods Europe, Smart Doll, Volks.
4/24/20 added Other Doll section with link to ChinaTown for TPE